Chronic Care Management, Inc Publishes Its Model and Outcomes in Original Article in Population Health Management

Company describes its novel platform model in leading peer-reviewed population health journal

Chronic Care Management, Inc. is pleased to announce the publication of its model and outcomes in Population Health Management, a leading, peer-reviewed population health journal. The original article, entitled, “A Platform and Clinical Model to Enable Medicare’s Chronic Care Management Program” is available online on the journal’s website, and will soon be available in the journal’s print publication.

First author and Chronic Care Management, Inc. founder Dr. William Mills, said, “We are thrilled that our article made it through the rigorous peer-review process at the leading population health journal – Population Health Management – and that it is now published online. In this study, we describe how our non-face-to face care management technology and clinical staff model, interfaced with practitioners who care for multimorbid Medicare-age people, can help deliver scalable, effective care management.”

Dr. Mills said, “In this paper, we also report a robust regression analysis of predictors of hospitalization derived from our care management model. We leveraged outcome-based assessments to drive meaningful community-based resource matching for patients with identified needs, and we examined which data elements were most predictive of hospitalization. Among our findings, we were surprised to find that the Gagne Mortality Index was a strong predictor of hospitalization – patients with a higher Gagne score were hospitalized at a 32x greater rate than patients with low scores.”

Mills concluded, “Overall, It is our hope that the approach described in this article can help provide increased access to evidence-based care management for people with chronic medical and behavioral conditions, while simultaneously helping medical practices, health plans and others provide scalable cost-effective, in-between visit care management.”

About Chronic Care Management, Inc.

Chronic Care Management, Inc. is a solution-oriented technology care management provider. The company’s primary focus is “in-between visit” care management for people with multiple chronic conditions. The company develops and deploys software and clinically integrated care management programs that promote goal-directed, quality collaborative care planning. The solutions bring together healthcare providers, systems and stakeholders around a central, person-centered care plan that drive positive clinical outcomes for patients and positive financial outcomes for healthcare organizations and payers, including Medicare.

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Source: Chronic Care Management, Inc