Chronic Care Management, Inc. Appoints New Leadership Team Members

Gurpreet Singh to Chief Information Officer; Marc Gauthier to Head of Enterprise Business Development

Chronic Care Management, Inc. announced today that is has made two leadership team appointments. Gurpreet Singh becomes the company’s new Chief Information Officer, and Marc Gauthier is the company’s new Head of Enterprise Business Development.

Dr. William Mills, President and CEO of Chronic Care Management, Inc. said, “I am delighted that we have been joined in our effort to increase patient access to the valuable chronic care management program by two stalwarts in the field. Gurpreet Singh, our new CIO, has a distinguished track record of innovation and partnership with medical practices and other healthcare organizations to design, refine and implement technology systems that deliver value to patients, providers, and payers. At CCM Inc., Gurpreet will focus on building and nurturing relationships and connectivity between our market-leading chronic care management solution and clients, technology platforms and partners.” CCM Inc.’s evidence-based enterprise technology platform, whose development has been led by David Weber, Chief Technology Officer, continues to lead the way in the chronic care management marketplace – and is helping empower many types of clinicians to enact high quality ‘in-between visit’ care for patients. “I expect Gurpreet to serve as a valuable partner to Dave and his team and to help increase adoption and integration of our product,” Mills said.

Dr. Mills continued, “Marc Gauthier has over two decades of healthcare business development experience and has fostered success for medical groups, healthcare organizations such as Siemens and others through building relationships and trust backed up by his strong and diverse knowledge base.”  Mills said, “In his new role as Head of Enterprise Business Development for us, I expect Marc will help us broaden our client and partner base as we articulate the strong clinical and financial value proposition of our chronic care and behavioral health solutions to medical groups, payers, post-acute care organizations and others who are looking to drive value for their patients and stakeholders.”

“Both hires, who were previously in leadership roles with CareSync, will help us execute on our long-term strategy, as well as help former CareSync clients feel comfortable that CCM Inc. is the best care management partner for them,” Dr. Mills commented. “We have begun seamlessly transitioning medical groups and patients affected by the CareSync closure to our high quality, clinically-integrated care management model that is helping keep patients in the community and out of high-cost settings.” Mills continued, “In order to avoid patient abandonment and additional care transition concerns, we are prepared to onboard many more former CareSync practices quickly and bring their patients onto our clinically-focused program. Practices should call our office at 440.248.6500 or email me directly.” 

The company reported that between January and June of 2018, CCM Inc. managed over 21,000 patients in its full-service, clinically-integrated model, in addition to supporting the management of thousands of additional patients in practice-staffed care management models. The company supported low hospitalization and readmission rates by leveraging evidence-based outcome assessment tools to provide high-impact, low-cost touchpoints to patients with chronic medical and behavioral conditions.

The CCM program is associated with positive clinical outcomes for patients – a recent study of the Medicare program showed that it is lowering hospitalization rates, emergency department use and skilled nursing days, while increasing engagement between patients and their practitioners. The program works by creating increased connectivity between patients with chronic conditions and their healthcare providers and matching patients with community-based resources such as home health care when appropriate.

CCM is a program launched by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in 2015 to help  provide support for patients with multiple chronic conditions in-between their provider visits and episodes of care. The CCM program created a new Medicare-benefit to support beneficiaries with two or more chronic conditions by providing new “in-between visit” revenue to participating providers, stimulating practices to enhance their focus on goal-directed, person-centered care planning, and to provide “aging-in-place” resources such as proactive care management. CMS recently released its proposed rule for the 2019 physician fee schedule, and the chronic care and behavioral health integration programs continue to gain momentum.

About Chronic Care Management, Inc. 

Chronic Care Management, Inc. is a solution-oriented technology and services care management provider. The company’s primary focus is “in-between visit” care management for people with multiple chronic conditions. Headed by William Mills, M.D., a physician with extensive national care management leadership and primary care and geriatrics practice, the company develops and deploys software and clinically integrated care management programs that promote goal-directed, quality collaborative care planning. The solutions bring together healthcare providers, systems, and stakeholders around a central, person-centered care plan that drive positive clinical outcomes for patients and positive financial outcomes for healthcare organizations and payers, including Medicare. Providing fee-for-service healthcare providers a concrete path from volume to value, Chronic Care Management also empowers organizations who are participating in alternative payment models with a formal platform to foster care coordination, quality measure success attainment, advance care planning, care transitions, and a number of other success-driving areas.

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